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Superior Radiant Insulation - Type 2 Scrim

Superior FSKF-10
Insulation Facing & Vapor Barrier

Composition-.000285 Aluminum Foil both sides of 30 lb. Kraft (10 lbs. per thousand sq.ft.) with scrim reinforcing, laminated with a flame retardant adhesive.
  • Flame Spread 0 per ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test
  • Smoke Development- 0  per ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test
  • Perm-.02
  • Emisivity-.02
  • Insulating Value= R-12 Down R-4.5 up when installed as an individual application on the underside of a roof
    per ASTM C-236

Install as a single unit spanning the entire length of the underside of the rafter, stapling approximately 6" o.c. and turning ends
down approximately 1" on supporting beams when possible.

Superior FSKF-10 may be used anywhere a tough flame resistant vapor

barrier is required.

Lighting-Use of Superior FSKF-10 material on the underside of exposed
roof structure may increase lighting by up to 30%

Do not install this product under a wet roof deck as doing so may cause damage to both
the material and the deck.

All Superior Aluminum Insulation Products are state certified and meet the State of California
Quality Standards.

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